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Let me ask you a quick question. What happens when you promote to your subscribers and readers again and again without giving them a break? Do you think they buy every single product you promote?... Do you think they pass or just ignore your emails?... Or do you think they might unsubscribe?...

Most likely they will UNSUBSCRIBE. Why?... Because it's simply too much promoting and not enough content.

You see the reason why anyone is on your mailing list or website is for one reason and one reason only - information. After all that’s how they found you in the first place... you provided some form of free content.

The problem is, you've probably worked hard to produce that content. And it's still going to be a long journey to keep on delivering this content on a regular basis.

But how do you provide good quality information without wasting your life away doing all the research and writing? And at the same time, how do you go about getting someone else to do it for you without eating your wallet?...

Let's not forget that you want to produce FREE information - yet it's already costing you YOUR time or YOUR money.

that's why you're here on this page right now

You've already got your products that you want to start selling - and now you want to promote them. Yes sure you can keep sending out email after email - but in the end you'll have to do something a little different from every other marketer out there and show your subscribers and readers that you actually care for them.

So how are you going to do this?... Simple - you hand out the free reports on a monthly or weekly basis.

Each report has been professionally written by an expert in the field of internet marketing. Each report is accompanied by a high-converting squeeze page. And every package comes with it's own auto-responder series and affiliate swipe file so you can start promoting other products as well!

So what does this mean for you?... Quite simply, YOU get the ability to add your website links inside, put your name on the report, and then give away to your subscribers and readers for free! In return they will read your nifty little report, be impressed by your overwhelming knowledge in this niche and take you seriously when you promote something to them (like the reseller products you just bought.)

You save time, You save money,
You save ‘Brain power’

And to top it off your subscribers will start BUYING your products whilst ignoring those other marketers who don't have a clue!

Here's what you're getting when you upgrade today...

Get instant access to over 100 private label reports that you can give-away or sell!
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Includes professionally written email sequence to build rapport with your leads
Includes hand-picked affiliate swipe file for easy back-end commissions

Educate your blog readers and subscribers and build trust and credibility!
Become an instant expert without writing a single word!
Promote any product, software, affiliate recommendation, squeeze page, or blog!
Improve the quality of your traffic and get your visitors hot for your offers!
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Private Label Report Package #1 -
Affiliate Apocalypse

Uncover powerful new ways of maximizing your income regardless of the programs and products you promote!... Find out exactly what you need to do to set yourself up for long-term prosperity and success with no fear of failure!... The old "tricks" don't work, in fact they will cost you more than you could ever imagine. We'll show you the real, surefire ways to get started in the new world of affiliate marketing... Disregard everything you've read or have been told before now because the old methods are merely shadows of what was once a profitable age. But don't worry, there is even more money to be made when you focus on proven, sustainable methods, designed to survive the affiliate apocalypse!

Private Label Report Package #2 -
Affiliate Infantry

Uncover the ridiculously simple way to find all the affiliates you can handle without spending a dime!... Discover the ultimate way to motivate affiliatesto perform better than they ever have before! (HINT: It's probably not what you think!)... Learn the quickest way to convince your affiliates to promote more than one of your products, and how to make it brain-dead easy for them to do it!... Find out what affiliates really want, and how you can become a super affiliate magnet, attracting huge numbers of quality affiliates in no time flat!...
And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #3 -
Amazon Bestseller Genie

Learn how to quickly and easily skyrocket your book onto the Amazon bestseller lists for maximum exposure!... Find out how to use social media to build a loyal following of buyers who will buy every book you put out!... Discover the built-in marketing methods Amazon makes available to everyone, but almost no one knows about!... Uncover the real secrets to getting people to review your book, and why reviews can make or break your book before you even get started!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #4 -
Amazon King

Follow along closely as we reveal the top money-making portals available within theworld's most popular marketplace!... Uncover the ridiculously simple method of siphoning cash out of Amazon's popular KDP program! (This one strategy could change your financial life forever...)... Find out how Amazon makes it drop dead easyto make money online by GIVING YOU a store of your own - absolutely free! (See page 9 for complete details)... Discover one of the easiest ways of making money with physical products AND how to take advantage of a powerful "print on demand" service that will skyrocket your income quickly and easily! 

Private Label Report Package #5 -
Essential Apps For Entrepreneurs

Uncover the most essential apps that every single entrepreneur needs to be successful right from the start!... Find out which apps will boost your productivity, save you time, and help you become the money making machine you need to be!... Discover which apps will help you get organized, manage your time and your day, and help make sure you never foget critical information again!... Learn which apps you absolutely need to download right now if you really want to be successful!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #6 -
Bad A$$ Hangouts

Why Google+ Hangouts aren't just for simple meetings anymore, and what it means for your business!... Find out the best ways to use Hangouts for maximum profitability, no matter what type of business you have!... Learn how to create the most effective Hangouts you've ever seen, no matter what your core purpose might be!... Understand how to make use of the new Hangouts On Air feature in order to create 24-hour, non-stop profit machines in no time flat!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #7 -
Blog SEO Shark

Uncover the secrets to generating massive amounts of traffic to your WordPress blog!... Find out how to optimize your blog for search engines without getting hit with the dreaded penalties so often feared by bloggers!... Discover the absolute best and most effective WordPress SEO plugins that you absolutely must be using!... Learn about the top secret tips and tricks used by the top ranking blogs to outrank their competition time and time again!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #8 -
Box Shot Balls Up

The fastest and easiest way to create polished covers for all of your digital products that will get your buyers attention!... What you NEED to know about using stock photos as well as the best sources for high quality images!... Discover the insider secret used by professional developers that will automate ALL of your product cover creation!... Uncover the leading design tools and resourcesalong with powerful strategies that will save you time AND money when creating high quality product covers!... And much, much more!  

Private Label Report Package #9 -
Business Startup Lab

Uncover the secrets to starting your own profitable business without any experience whatsoever!... Find out which steps you should take before you ever open your doors for customers or you will almost certainly fail miserably when you do!... Discover which legal steps you need to take in order to ensure your company isn't destroyed by these costly mistakes!... Learn about the best payment processors for any type of business. Save HUGE money time and time again!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #10 -
Cash From Google Helpouts

Uncover the secrets to making real cash from home by helping people out using Google's amazing new program Google Helpouts!... Find out the insider secrets to creating powerfully compelling Helpouts that will pull cash in over and over again!... Discover methods for creating Helpouts people actually need, even if you aren't an expert in anything!... Learn how to shoot your Helpouts to the top of the Helpouts search in no time flat! It's easier than you think!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #11 -
Commission Miner

Find out how to blow your competition out of the water by becoming an authority in your niche and becoming the go-to person in your market!... Discover the hidden affiliate marketing tacticsthat can increase your conversions (and sales) by such an astonishing rate you'll never believe it!... Learn the real keys to affiliate marketing success -- the methods the top super affiliates use to make millions of dollars per year!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #12 -
Conversion Booster

Uncover the real truth about testing and tweaking! There are only a handful of things worth focusing on. The rest is a complete waste of time. Find out more... (page 5)... Discover the different type of opt-in boxes and how each one can be used as powerful "lead bait"!... All you really need to know about squeeze pages. How to construct them, how to maximize your opt-in rates and what to avoid! (page 10)... Copy our proven squeeze page system! We cover headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points and more, showing you exactly how to build the highest converting page possible!... The importance of "eye flow" and how you can use it to your advantage in order to BOOST opt-in rates instantly!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #13 -
Conversion Samurai

Uncover the secrets to making quick, simple changes to your marketing in order to send your conversions skyrocketing!... Find out how even the tiniest changes can lead to wildly profitable results, and an improvement of just 1% could mean big, big money in your pockets!... Discover methods for boosting conversions for any type of marketing, including sales pages, squeeze pages, landing pages, blogs, email marketing and even video marketing!... Learn how to come up with a unique selling point... even if your product has absolutely nothing unique about it! (Then use it to send your profits through the roof!)... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #14 -
Crowdfuning Success Code

Uncover the secrets to creating crowdfunding projects that will pull in funding for your project like crazy!... Find out exactly how to ensure you meet your funding goals over and over again, so you never have to worry about not meeting them and getting nothing!... Discover the best crowdfunding sites, and how to use them to pull in insane amounts of startup capital for your project!... Learn the secrets of getting your project to go viral, getting people to share your project, and getting more people to see (and potentiall back) your project!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #15 -
Digital Magazine Fortunes

Uncover the secrets to creating bestselling digital magazines without any special skills or experience!... Find out innovative ways to make more money with your digital magazine, even if you don't charge subscription fees!... Discover sneaky ways to get free content for your magazine without paying a dime!... Learn the top ways to produce and publish your digital magazine without spending a fortune!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #16 -
Email List Genie

Uncover the best online sources of email subscribers to explode your email list right away!... Find out how to form strategic partnershipswith offline businesses that can help you siphon their customers onto your email list!... Discover the top methods of getting more subscribers to your email list without spending a fortune or wasting your valuable time!... Learn the newest methods for increasing the size of your mailing list -- including little-known sources that will leave your competition in the dust!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #17 -
Explosive Scarcity Deals

Find out how you can exploit powerful sales triggers that will instantly catapult your income to the next level!... Uncover mind-blowing scarcity tactics that force buyers into taking action! Push those tire-kickers into action, instantly!... Find out why scarcity is so effective and how you can implement the top strategies into your sales pitch in order to create explosively profitable deals!... Discover the shocking truth behind limited time offers and quantity-controlled deals that will send a stampede of rabid buyers to your offer!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #18 -
Make Your Presentations Pop

Uncover the secrets to making your presentations more effective, more interesting, and more profitable than you ever thought possible!... Find out the killer new presentation creation platform that is taking the world by storm and changing the face of dull, lifeless presentations forever!... Find out the insider tricks to making sure people actually enjoy watching your presentations!... Learn how to engage your audience, captivating them and grabbing their full attention while you deliver your message!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #19 -
Facebook Ad Geek

Learn how to navigate through Facebook's impossibly long ad creation tool in no time, creating your first ad in just minutes!... Find out how simple it is to grab your share of the over 1 billion daily active users on Facebook, and turn them into conversions that will build your income rapidly!... Discover the best ways to utlilize Facebook Ads for maximum results, no matter what your end goal is!... Understand the various ad types, and how to choose the right one, set up your campaign, and turn each one into a profit machine!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #20 -
Facebook Monster Marketing Mistakes

Uncover the most common monster mistakes people make when marketing on Facebook!... Find out the most shocking reasons people fail to get significant traffic from Facebook, andhow you can avoid the same fate!... Discover the top tricks for making the most out of your marketing efforts on Facebook!... Learn what Facebook visitors really want. (Once you get this right, your success will improve immediately!)... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #21 -
FB Retargeting Bulls-Eye

Uncover the secrets to increasing your sales through the power of retargeting!... Find out how to make the most out of every visitor that doesn't convert by reclaiming that visitor, giving you another chance to get that sale!... Discover the most effective ways to use ad retargeting to pull that traffic back in and convert it!... Learn about the different methods of retargeting, and some neat tips and tricks you can use to make it all easier and much more effective!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #22 -
Fear Factor Fortunes

Uncover the secrets to increasing your conversions dramatically by using the power of fear to motivate your prospects into taking immediate action!... Find out why everything you thought you knew about scarcity tactics is wrong -- and how you can totally change your scarcity campaigns for better effectiveness!... Discover the hidden scarcity tactics that are right under your nose, but almost no one is using them... and they'll blow away your current campaigns!... Learn how to make all of your scarcity campaigns seem totally natural so you don't risk upsetting prospects and losing them as customers for good!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #23 -
Getting To Yes!

The REAL motivating factors that transform visitors into repeat buyers (and use to use this information to your advantage so you can sell more products than ever before!)... The truth about market research and how you can easily uncover buying patterns, product demand and buying trends so that you can skyrocket your income!... A full list of FREE online tools and resources that you can use to learn more about your buyers (and what they REALLY want!)... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #24 -
He's Called Bob

The #1 FREE resource for tapping into the core of your market so you can uncover what customer's really want!... The top free resources for in-depth market research that will give you the overall advantage in your niche!... How to exploit customer feedback resources to better understand what your customer base desperately wants in a product! (and how to deliver exactly what they're looking for!)... Why it's so important to know your target audience and how this vital information can maximize your income by over 200%!... And much, much more!  

Private Label Report Package #25 -
Operation Inbox Infiltration

How to create a powerful subject line that is guaranteed to skyrocket your open rates!... What you NEED to know about creating the "right" opener for your email and how it canboost response rates by up to 100%!... The easiest way to create response-driven email campaigns that will generate an immediate response and a frenzy of clicks!... One of the greatest lies ever told and how tomaximize your income WITHOUT SELLING!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #26 -
Info Graphics

Discover the truth behind "Info Graphics" and how they can maximize conversion rates instantly while siphoning unlimited traffic to your website!... Uncover the no-nonsense approach to creating wildly popular campaigns on some of the Internet's most heavy-traffic social portals using Info Graphics!... Find out how you can replicate some of the highest converting graphic-based sales campaigns with powerful Info Graphics! (I'll even break down the complete anatomy of a successful Info Graphic!)... Bookmark our top resources for creating winning Info Graphics that are so easy that even a complete newbie can do it! (This strategy requires absolutely NO design or graphic experience!)... And much, much more!  

Private Label Report Package #27 -
Instant Expert

The real secret to dominating hot niche markets by gaining instant "authority traction"!... Uncover the powerful formula used by the top gurus in your market to guarantee every product launch is a successful one by siphoning credibility from key sources!... How you can become a market leader quickly and easily and maximize your income automatically - with very little effort involved!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #28 -
Internet Marketing Startup

Uncover the secrets to everything you've ever wondered about regarding making money online!... Find out how to easily get started with your own domain, hosting, blog, and more, even if you have no experience whatsoever!... Discover the easiest ways to find free and inexpensive tools, and how to use those tools effectively!... Learn about the best resources for internet marketers, including the best places to host your site, get a domain name and find legal images to use!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #29 -
Top 10 Killer Blogging Mistakes

Uncover the most common mistakes people make with their blogs, and how you can keep them from destroying your chances to make money!... Find out the crazy things people STILL think work -- when they actually just KILL any hope you have of making your blog successful.... Discover the best way to get people to throw free links at your blog from quality sites, without you having to beg every blogger under the sun!... Learn why everything you thought you knew about making money with a blog is probably wrong!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #30 -
Killer LinkedIn Mistakes

Uncover the DO'S and DON'TS of using LinkedIn to promote yourself, market your business, or even find a job!... Find out the most common bonehead blunderspeople make on LinkedIn, and how they can totally sabotage your efforts there!... Discover the top little-known tricks for making your LinkedIn profile really stand out!... Learn what LinkedIn users are really looking for, and how you can multiply your efforts by focusing on these things!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #31 -
Landing Page Geek

Uncover the secrets to creating the most gorgeous and effective landing pages without any design or coding experience!... Find out how to use inexpensive & easy to use resources to create killer landing pages no matter what your current experience level may be!... Find out how the world's best marketers create wildly converting pages again and again and again! (And how you can do it, too!)... Learn the landing page hacks that can grab people's attention and engage them like never before while you deliver your marketing message!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #32 -
Top 10 List Building Mistakes

Uncover the most common mistakes people make with email marketing, and how you can keep these errors from destroying your email marketing campaigns!... Find out the easy little "text" trick that will increase your results considerably -- or decrease them if you don't do this correctly!... Discover the best way to figure out how often to email your list without making them unsubscribe!... Learn how something as simple as which email service you use can have a dramatic effect on your email marketing success!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #33 -
List Building Warrior

Uncover the the top free online sources of tons of mailing list subscribers!... Find out surprising new online sources of subscribers that you probably never thought of!... Discover the deceptively simple trick that can explode your subscriber base in no time flat with this one simple change to your squeeze page!... Learn abot the most valuable new tool that you can use to create wildly converting squeeze pages with no design or programming knowledge!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #34 -
List Monster

Uncover the secrets to capturing the visitors that are leaving your site without buying anything -- and turning them into CASH in your pockets!... Find out why most marketers are losing out on countless dollars in sales, and how you can be sure this never, ever happens to you!...
Discover the hidden tricks to turning visitors who normally wouldn't make you a penny into a cash cow with very little extra work!... Learn how to test and tweak your exit funnel in order to turn it into the most incredible profit machine you've ever seen!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #35 -
List Segmentation Master

The fastest way to uncover your most high-value customers within minutes!... How cleaning up your lists will instantly save you money every month!... Discover one little trick to making MORE money with every product - all with just one simple link!... The easiest way to boost your income and maximize exposure for EVERY email you send!(don't even think about sending one out until you've read this chapter!)... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #36 -
Partner Blogging

The easiest way to get in direct contact with unlimited customers and prospects, regardless of your niche market!... How you can "swipe" premium traffic from leading websites and COMPETITORS in your market!... One of the fastest ways of gaining credibility in your niche! Buyers will be drawn to you because you are the "go to" person in your market!... The fail proof system that will flood your website with fresh traffic while securing unlimited permanent backlinks that will keep visitors hitting our website at a staggering rate! (While never paying for a single backlink!)... How to take advantage of "Google Proof" strategies that will shoot your website o the top of the search engines with absolutely no fear of future penalization!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #37 -
Payment Processor Secrets

The top secret tips and tricks to choosing the right payment processor for your business!... How to get the best deal on fees in order to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars with no extra effort!... Learn why you should always read the terms and conditions, and the horrible outcomes that could happen if you don't!... Understand the different types of payment processors, and how they work for different types of businesses.... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #38 -
Pinterest Traffic Secrets

How to exploit the social media giant for unlimited FREE traffic without spending more than 5 minutes "on-site".... Exactly how major businesses are taking advantage of the popularity of this ever-growing social community and how you can easily do it, too! (For unlimited traffic & profits!)... Why Pinterest should be your primary social market and how it will easily outperform all other campaigns combined!... The powerful, fail-proof method of automating your social marketing campaigns so you cansiphon traffic 24 hours a day, effortlessly!... Why you should never pay for social advertising again and how you can eliminate all paid advertising while claiming your share of responsive traffic from the leader in the social game.... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #39 -
Product Creation Blueprint

How to research the most profitable genres and topics for your products without spending a dime!... Learn the best and most profitable places to sell your products, and why you should never concentrate all of your efforts on just one!... Discover one little trick to making MORE money with every product, and it's probably not what you think!... The easy trick to getting cheap designs that will help build your fortune by attracting massive attention to your products!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #40 -
Profitable Pricing Strategies

Find out why even a small difference in pricingcan mean a massive increase in profits!... Learn the difference between price point and pricing model, and what each one really means to your business!... Uncover the shocking truth about why so many companies fail because of one tiny little mistake in the way they charge for their products!... Learn how to test different price points and pricing models in order to find the most profitable combination and send your sales through the roof!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #41 -
Super Simple Whiteboard Presenations

How whiteboard presentations can benefit your business, no matter what niche you're in or what type of business you have!... The ridiculously easy methods for creating killer whiteboard presentations with no experience necessary!... How to make the best and most effective whiteboard presentations you've ever seen with these little known tips and tricks!... How to make the most out of your presentations by creating useful, interesting presentations people will actually enjoy watching!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #42 -
Survey Guru

Uncover the secrets to using surveys in ways you never thought possible! Higher income, higher conversions, happier customers and more!... Find out innovative ways to use surveys toskyrocket your income!... Discover how surveys can help you improve your sales funnel, leading to higher income and higher conversions!... Learn secret survey tips to keep your customers happy and loyal, so they'll buy from you again and again!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #43 -
The Intensifier System

Uncover the secrets to using powerful underground persuasion techniques to increase conversions and turn your prospects into buyers!... Find out how to blow your competition out of the water by injecting your sales page with sneaky tactics that will put their sales to shame!... Discover the hidden persuasion tactics that are right under your nose, but once you use them, you might as well just open your wallet and watch cash flow in!... Learn how to get inside your prospect's headand figure out exactly what he wants so you can deliver it in a way your competition will never figure out!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #44 -
Top Twitter Disasters

Uncover the most common monster mistakes people make when marketing on Twitter!... Find out the most shocking reasons people fail to get significant traffic from Twitter, and how you can avoid the same fate!... Discover the top tricks for making the most out of your marketing efforts onTwitter!... Learn what Twitter visitors really want. (Once you get this right, your success will improve immediately!)... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #45 -
Traffic Splash

Uncover the secrets to getting your content to go viral, driving thousands, even millions of hits practically overnight!... Find out how to overcome the most common viral campaign killers -- these things can destroy your campaign before it even begins!... Discover the easiest way to make all of your content share worthy, assuring it goes viral almost every single time!... Learn how to put your viral campaigns on autopilot, giving you hands-free delivery of incentives freeing your vaulable time for more important things!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #46 -
Tube Jacker

The drop dead easy way to create winning video campaigns that will FLOOD your websitewith unstoppable FREE traffic, all on complete & total autopilot! (perfect for "lazy" marketers or those who are short on time!)... How to exploit a sneaky (yet legal) method ofboosting exposure and getting your videos to the top of Google within 72 hours - guaranteed!... A complete breakdown of the most popular video formats and how to choose the best one for your campaign!... The fastest and easiest way to outrank the competition using special "commands" that force traffic to your video page!... The 1 essential step needed to ensure ever-lasting traffic that will continue to keep your video on top permanently!... And much, much more!  

Private Label Report Package #47 -
Video Creation Scientist

The best way to figure out what type of video you need to create to fulfill all of your current objectives.... Learn about the best video creation tools available, and how to use them to create stunningly professional videos even if you've never made a video in your life!... Find out which resources you absolutely must have for your videos, and where to get legally licensed resources cheaply!... Uncover the best video creation methods for creating videos that will sell like crazy and make you more money!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #48 -
Video Sales Letter Zombie

Uncover the secrets to creating the highest converting sales letters you've ever seen in your life! Find out how why video sales letters convert so much better than traditional sales pages.... Discover the most essential tools for creating killer video sales letters, and how to learn to use them quickly and easily with no experience!... Learn how to make your video sales letters even better with our critical elements checklist!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #49 -
Video Tools Mastery

Uncover the secrets to creating cool and effective videos using inexpensive online tools without any experience whatsoever!... Find out about the killer tool you can use to analyze your videos to find out what people like and don't like, letting you fine tune every video for better conversions!... Discover methods for promoting your videos, pushing thousands more views in no time flat!... Learn how to get super effective voiceovers for your videos even if you don't want to do them yourself!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #50 -
Webinar Riches

The real reason your webinars aren't profitable,and what you can do to remedy it right now!... The one tiny secret that will turn your webinars into massive cash cows that pull in big profits fast!... The sneaky little trick for making your webinars continue to be a 24/7 cash magnet long after they're over, and almost no one is using it effectively!... Why most webinars never make a dime, and how you can ensure this will never happen to you!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #51 -
WordPress Security Guard

Learn why it is absolutely critical to secure your Wordpress sites from hackers, and what kind of disastrous havoc they can wreak if you don't!... Uncover the shockingly simple tricks you can use to secure your Wordpress site in mere minutes!... Find out which plugins are vital for keeping hackers at bay. (And they're FREE!)... Uncover the quick and easy file changes that can throw a massive monkey wrench into a hacker's plans and make it nearly impossible to hack your site!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #52 -
WP Theme Tycoon

How you can start making fast cash in the WP Theme market even if you are a design dummy!... Uncover the different types of Wordpress themes and which ones are always in-demand! (Business owners and bloggers are always willing to pay top dollar for these templates!)... Where to find leading theme designers and developers at rock bottom prices! These WP specialists will create stunning templates that will drive in buyers!... How to research a market within minutes to determine what features, colors, and layouts potential buyers really want!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #53 -
YouTube Ad Hero

Uncover the secrets to using YouTube ads to boost your business like nothing you've ever seen!... Find out which ad formats are most effectiveand offer the best balance between traffic and cost!... Discover the easiest ways to get started using YouTube ads, even if you have no idea where to start, and even if you are a complete beginner to buying ads online!... Learn about the little known methods for using YouTube ads to accomplish multiple purposes for your business!... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #54 -
YouTube Marketing Blunders

Uncover the most common brainless mistakespeople make when marketing on YouTube!... Find out the most shocking reasons people failto get significant traffic from YouTube, and how you can avoid the same fate!... Discover the easiest ways to ensure your videos get tons of views. (And it's simpler than you think!)... Learn what YouTube visitors really want. (Once you get this right, your success will improve immediately!)... And much, much more!

Private Label Report Package #55 -
Unslappable SEO

NEVER suffer a Google slap again with these slap-proof optimization and instant traffic strategies!...• The guaranteed, bullet-proof method for ensuring that you NEVER lose rankings again!...• How to recover from the latest search engine update and reclaim your traffic, instantly!...• Find out how you can instantly maximize traffic and exposure with social signals!...• How you can create drop dead easy "micro-sites" that will bolster your ranking almost immediately!

Private Label Report Package #56 -
Top Ten Free Google Services

Organize, Manage And Grow Your Business With These FREE Tools!...• A powerful free service that will do all of your market research for you, instantly!...• One of the easiest ways to keep tabs on your industry and monitor your traffic!...• Uncover the incredible free service that will make it easier than ever to share your documents!...• The sneaky way to come up with new product ideas that are guaranteed to sell!

Private Label Report Package #57 -
"Udemy Profits"

Insant Credibility And On-Going Profits!...• How to generate instant credibility as an "educator" in your niche market!...• One of the easiest ways to make money online just by teaching what you know!...• Find out how you can create in-demand courses that will sell out in minutes!...• The best way to choose an in-demand topic that people are desperate to learn!

Private Label Report Package #58 -
"Competitor Knockout"

Uncover The Fastest And Easiest Way To Stand Out In Your Market And Dominate The Competition!...• How to build instant brand recognition that will set you apart from the competition!...• The importance of a USP and how you can create one that will maximize sales instantly!...• Find out how you can boost sales and maximize repeat business with one simple strategy!...• Why you should NEVER compete on price! You can actually make more money with higher prices. Find out how!

Private Label Report Package #59 -
"Gamified Marketing"

Discover The #1 Most Powerful Strategy To Dominating Your Market!...• The truth behind "gamification marketing" and how it can literally catapult your business to the next level, overnight!...• How gamification marketing is similar to adding "sticky notes" to your prospects computer screens, reminding them of your business over and over again! (There is no other sticky factor quite as powerful as this!)...• Discover the many ways that multi-million dollar companies are exploiting powerful gaming mechanics to maximize their brand awareness and how even a small start-up company can replicate their success!... • Everything you need to know about unleashing the power of gamification for unbelievable results!

Private Label Report Package #60 -
"Unlimited Traffic"

Top 10 Traffic Strategies Now And Beyond!... • The top 10 traffic strategies for 2012 and beyond! Fuel your website with fresh traffic now!... • The most powerful way of jumpstarting your website today -- absolutely free!...• Forget about paid advertising! Generate massive traffic using this FREE strategy!...• How you can generate non-stop traffic with powerful "information exchangers"!

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"Pinterest Success"

Harness The Power And Popularity Of The Fastest Growing Social Media Platform For Instant Traffic And Profit!...• Why you absolutely need to implement Pinterest into your marketing campaigns in order to compete in your market! (Do not miss out on the fastest growing social arena online!)...• How you can use Pinterest to secure new business instantly while continuing to build credibility in your niche all on complete autopilot! (Pinterest makes it easy to build a recognized brand in your market!)...• Find out how you can generate targeted traffic from just a couple of simple pages! - I'll even show you real live examples and case studies of some of the most successful Pinterest campaigns online!...• Quick-start ideas that will make it easy to create high traffic campaigns for all of your websites! (You can fuel your website with more traffic from a single Pinterest campaign than virtually ANY other resource!)

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"Gig Site Arbitrage"

Uncover The Powerful , Automated Money Making System That Turns $5 Into $20 Payments!...• The easiest way to make money online - guaranteed! You will never find a money-making system that is easier to manage, even with zero skills or experience!...• How you can start making money instantly, without doing ANY work whatsoever! Let other people do ALL of the work while you profit!... • A guaranteed method of generating $100's of dollars a week on complete autopilot!...• Fast track strategies for driving in customer's quickly, easily and at absolutely no cost to you!

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"Cash on Command"

Find out how you can make fast cash with PLR content today!...• Uncover the easiest way to monetize private label content, instantly!...• How a "10 Minute Prep"' can instantly boost the value of every product you sell!...• Instant monetization strategies that will send a flood of quick cash to your account!...• The #1 resource that will build an automated income site for you (that will generate money every single month on TOTAL auto pilot!)

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"Freedom to Profit"

Minimize your workload and maximize your profits!...• How to eliminate "time wasters" so you're free to make more money every single day!...• How you can use the power of automation to maximize your income, instantly!...• Find out how you can boost productivity with 1 simple "system" designed to cut your workload by up to 70%!...• Why you should minimize long-term goals if you're serious about building a successful online business!

Private Label Report Package #65 -
"Profit Tweaks"

Fast and easy ways to instantly maximize your online income!...• The powerful technique that will boost your signup rates by up to 200%!...• The fast and easy way to boost open rates while building a MONSTER-SIZE email list, effortlessly!...• How to boost your commission earnings for every affiliate campaign you run!...• The easiest way to generate AUTOMATED INCOME every single month, on complete autopilot! 

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"Social Traffic System"

Uncover the top social networking websites for unstoppable FREE traffic!...• The hottest social networking site that will send an unlimited stampede of traffic to your site - for FREE!...• How to quickly locate a swarm of hungry buyers using "information portals"!...• The fast and easy way to use simple images to siphon targeted traffic, on command!...• The top social networking sites for 2012! (with a new contender that is leading the pack!)

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"Simple Sales Systems"

Top payment solutions revealed!...• What payment processor to use if you plan to sell information products! (This powerful platform can literally catapult your products to the top of the market instantly!)...• The essential tools needed to set up a rock solid sales system in a matter of minutes!...• How to minimize "abandoned carts" and increase your profits by up to 100%!...• If you sell ebooks, you absolutely NEED to check out our #1 recommended resource for instantly maximizing your sales with NO work involved! - and it's 100% free to use!...• How to build an ARMY of affiliates just by using a FREE sales system!

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"Affiliate Marketing 3.0 Unlocked"

Discover the powerful system to building lifetime profits!...• Discover the simple system for siphoning commissions from the big brands and labels!... • Find out everything you need to know about building high impact campaigns that will generate income on autopilot!... • Uncover the top brands and leading companies that will pay you top dollar to promote their products!... • Fast action strategies for building high response affiliate campaigns, instantly!

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7 power stes to becoming an authority in your niche market!...• Discover the quick cash strategy to capturing the attention of your ENTIRE market!... • The simple formula for building instant brand awareness that will skyrocket your income!... • Uncover the leading FREE resources for positioning yourself as the 'go to' person in your niche!... • Find out how you can easily swipe credibility from the leaders in your market! (And they'll THANK YOU for it!) 

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"Commission Boost"

Boost your affiliate income instantly!...• Uncover the mind blowing tactic that can TRIPLE your affiliate income, TODAY!... • Exploit our proven, fast-action strategy for transforming content into cold, hard cash!... • Discover how you can instantly maximize your income just by helping customers!... • The easiest way to start making MORE MONEY than ever before with one tweak to your affiliate campaigns!

Private Label Report Package #72 -
"Autoresponder Secrets"

Quick start guide to autoresponder profits!...• Find out how you can automate your income INSTANTLY!... • Discover how you can siphon credibility and trust just by using autoresponders, and solidify your online brand, effortlessly!... • Uncover the top autoresponder service providers and set yourself up for long-term marketing success!... • Why you should never use free autoresponder services if you're serious about making money online! (See the important warning on Page 9!)

Private Label Report Package #73 -
"Private Label Overdrive"

Skyrocket your income with private label content!...• Discover the simple system for making fast cash with 'repurposed" content!... • Eliminate your outsourcing costs instantly by using pre-created content and material to fuel your marketing campaigns!... • Find out how you can build a high traffic system within minutes with PLR!... • Fast action strategies for building responsive mailing lists that will skyrocket your income instantly! (with no work involved!)

Private Label Report Package #74 -
Kindle Cash Secrets

Passive income with kindle publishing!...• Discover the quick cash strategy to building passive cash funnels with Kindle!...• The simple formula for getting your book in the Top 100 category so you can make more money!...• Uncover the top distribution "hot spots" that will maximize your income and exposure for FREE!...• Find out what you need to know about your book's cover and how it will impact sales!...• The easiest way to choosing a hot topic for your book that is guaranteed to sell!

Private Label Report Package #75 -
"PLR Plunder"

Uncover one of the most profitable strategies ever revealed to making money with private label content!...• Discover exactly how the gurus exploit private label to maximize product value, instantly!...• Find out how you can use private label material to bolster sales, maximize your income and dominate the hottest markets!...• Uncover the truth behind the "real value" of private label content and how it can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs!...• The easiest way to make money with PLR packages without having to spend any time tweaking or modifying the content!

Private Label Report Package #76 -
"Commission Power Up"

Secrets of high powered affiliate campaigns!...• Discover the quick cash strategy that could generate up to $500 by the end of TODAY!...• The simple formula for building high powered affiliate campaigns in less than 15 minutes!...• Find out how you can make money using the 2-tier formula where you can generate instant cash and lifetime profits!...• Uncover the truth behind I.C.P and how you can start making money within 24 hours!...• The easiest way to create nitro charged affiliate campaigns with ZERO start up costs involved!

Private Label Report Package #77 -
"Profit Harvest"

The secrets to growing a profitable mailing list instantly!...• Uncover the #1 most important component of a successful list building campaign! (Do NOT overlook this critical step!)...• The simple formula for building insanely profitable mailing list using FREE resources!...• How to set up your complete list building system in less than 3 hours from now!...• The insider strategy to automating your list building campaigns while funneling in thousands of qualified leads every day!...• The easiest way to skyrocket opt-in rates and generate non-stop traffic to your squeeze page instantly!

Private Label Report Package #78 -
"20 Minute Memberships"

Micro sites and massive profits!...• Mind blowing, "short-cut" strategies for setting up profitable micro-membership sites in MINUTES!... • Discover the EXACT steps to building an automated profit system that will spit out payments like clockwork!... • Find out how you can instantly dominate insanely profitable niche markets even if you are brand new to online business! (This changes EVERYTHING!)... • Uncover the fastest, easiest and CHEAPEST solution to building super-charged membership programs!

Private Label Report Package #79 -
"Accelerated Profits"

Maximum profits with automated income sites!... • Discover the drop dead simple method of FLOODING your membership program with paying members, without having to do ANY marketing whatsoever!... • Find out how you can build a profitable membership site while letting others FUEL your program!... • Uncover the #1 (best kept) secret to building unbelievable wealth as a Membership Webmaster!... • Find out exactly how you can set up a profitable, world-class continuity site within just a few short hours!

Private Label Report Package #80 -
"Cash Commando"

Covert underground cash strategies revealed!...• How to not be be a victim of your own success. There are people looking to sabotage your business with shady, underhanded tactics. Learn how to stop them in their tracks!...• Discover the "anonymity" factor that will maximize your income, giving you the freedom to enter ANY market you choose, instantly...• Prepare yourself with the tools and resources you need to make more money than you ever thought possible!... • Uncover a powerful, underground resource that will give you instant access to more than $5000 worth of training absolutely FREE!

Private Label Report Package #81 -
"Homebody Profits"

Profitable home based opportunities...• Start making money TODAY with the top work at home opportunities that are PROVEN earners!...• Avoid questionable opportunities and focus only on 100% legitimate work at home with our swipe file of high paid work at home options!...• You can finally live out your dream of working at home! We've scoured the Internet to provide you with the BEST work at home opportunities online!...• Discover the #1 community that will provide you with the highest paying work at home options imaginable!

Private Label Report Package #82 -
"Profit Looting"

7 essential tools for swiping cash from big launches!...• Find out how you can instantly jack profits from ANY major product launch!...• Uncover the powerful formula for setting up explosive campaigns that run on autopilot!...• Discover the fail proof method of boosting your ranking instantly using FREE resources!...• Learn the exact strategy used by launch "gurus" who funnel THOUSANDS of dollars into their bank accounts from every major launch!...• Exploit this powerful profit funnel, and get in on the action, even if you have ZERO experience!

Private Label Report Package #83 -
"Self Starters"

Build a successful online business quickly and easily!...• Find out how you can build a profitable empire catering to local businesses who NEED your help!... • Discover the easiest way to build a massive client base of loyal customers who will pay you top dollar for your services!... • Find out exactly what to offer potential clients that will make you MORE money with little work involved!...• Build a successful "self start" business quickly and easily with next to ZERO upfront costs following our simple formula!

Private Label Report Package #84 -
"No More 9-5!"

Quit your job and start working for the one person that matters - yourself!...• Discover the easiest way to build passive, recurring income that will give you the financial freedom you deserve!...• Quitting your job doesn't have to be risky or scary. Find out how you can create a rock solid "back up plan" that will ensure your financial success!...• Create an indestructible business plan that will keep your monthly bills paid while giving you the opportunity to fulfill your financial goals!...• The top strategies for generating passive, unstoppable income that you can put into action, immediately!

Private Label Report Package #85 -
"Online Profiteers"

Surefire method of making money online...• Eliminate risky ventures by focusing on these proven work at home opportunities!...• Find out how you can create a successful work at home position for yourself in virtually any market you choose!...• Uncover the #1 top paying work at home opportunity that requires NO start up fees, and NO experience!...• How you can start working from home TODAY with these surefire money making strategies!

Private Label Report Package #86 -
"Scam Busters"

Top scams and schemes to avoid online!...• Detect and avoid one of the dirtiest schemes you'll ever encounter that is cleverly designed to steal your hard earned money!...• Find out how underhanded merchants use the power of "social proof" to con you into buying!...• Find out how you can instantly eliminate any chance of being scammed by some of the most common scams in circulation!...• What you NEED to know about the "behind the scenes" schemes and scams that are designed to leave you POWERLESS to recouping your money!

Private Label Report Package #87 -
"Home Based Wealth"

Work at home success plan...• Make more money and increase your productivity with these powerful (yet incredibly simple) time management and organizational strategies!...• Find out how you can use your time more effectively so you maximize your income with less work involved!...• Discover a powerful system that will keep your business on track, and help you work faster and better!...• The top strategies for squeezing more time out of every work day, so you can actually work LESS and still make MORE money!

Private Label Report Package #88 -
"Homegrown Highroller"

Harness the power of local leads!...• Find out how this powerful, but nearly abandoned marketing method can bring you tons of leads and business with little competition!...
• Uncover the "small time" method that can actually be used to bring in "big time" results!... • Discover the drop dead simple system for exploiting the success of other businesses to immediately maximize your own income!... • Learn how the "new kid" on the marketing block can bring you more leads than you ever thought possible in no time flat!

Private Label Report Package #89 -
"Copywriting Secrets"

Learn the top secrets to killer copywriting!...• How to come up with attention-grabbing headlines in just minutes... every single time!...• The quick and easy way to come up with bullet points that will get people excited to buy!...• The dead simple way to get into your prospects' minds and figure out their most pressing hot button issues!...• The one big secret pros use to crank out killer copy time and time again... almost effortlessly 

Private Label Report Package #90 -
"5 Minute Blog Set Up"

Get your wordpress blog up - fast!...• Getting Your WordPress Blog Installed & Set Up in 5 Minutes or Less - Guaranteed!...• Learn the insider secrets of installing WordPress in just seconds!... • Discover the most important things you must do when setting up your blog... • Uncover the quick and easy ways to make posts and pages in no time flat!... • Find out how to get more help with your blog if you get stuck.

Private Label Report Package #91 -
"List Building Mistakes"

The top 10 critical list building mistakes...• The Top 10 FATAL List Building Mistakes That You Absolutely Must Avoid at all Costs!...• Find out how you can instantly minimize "lost subscriptions" by optimizing your squeeze page with these critical elements!... • Find out exactly what the list building "gurus" do to ensure that every campaign runs at full speed!... • Discover the #1 mistake that new email marketers make that destroy their chances at building successful campaigns

Private Label Report Package #92 -
"Email Marketing RIP"

Put email marketing to rest...• Traditional email marketing is no longer as profitable as it used to be. Discover the new, PROVEN way of maximizing profits, now!... • Boost conversion and opt-in rates, and position your business as the authority site in your market by tapping into the power of a powerful strategy revealed in our special report!... • Uncover the truth about the future of email marketing, and what it really means to your online business!... • Essential steps that you need to take to ensure your business is equipped for these important changes in the email marketing arena!

Private Label Report Package #93 -
"ESP Marketing"

Underground marketing tactics...• Find out the underground method that savvy marketers are using to mine untouched gold directly from a major company!... • Discover the insider trade secrets to dominating your market by tapping into a massive customer base! (right at your fingertips!)... • Learn how to position your business as the authority site in your market, with these proven underground marketing tactics!... • Find out how you can exploit premium sources of quality traffic at rock bottom prices! Never pay a fortune in advertising costs again! 

Private Label Report Package #94 - "Covert Backlinks"

Discover the sneakiest ways to get tons of high quality backlinks fast!...• Discover how you can gain massive traffic with powerful backlinks!...• Find out how to generate powerful backlinks to your website in a matter of a few short hours!... • How to grab high ranking backlinks that will boost your page rank and search engine ranking!... • Important information you need to know about "securing permanent placement" so you retain your ranking for months!... • One of the fastest ways to generate a ton of quality backlinks to your website, absolutely FREE!... • Top sources for killer backlinks and how you can use them to jack up your SEO score!

Private Label Report Package #95 - "Master Joint Ventures"

Master the art of join ventures for big profits!...• How you can master joint ventures to skyrocket your income and build instant credibility!... • Insider secrets to finding and securing profitable joint ventures in your niche market!... • How to instantly attract lucrative JV offers from seasoned marketers!... • What you need to know about joint ventures to ensure that you get a fair deal!... • The easiest way to effectively manage joint ventures and partnerships 

Private Label Report Package #96 - "Website Flipping"

Learn the secrets of profitable website flipping for big cash!...• How you can instantly maximize your income from all of your website flips!... • The fast track method of generating hundreds of dollars TODAY from 3-hour websites!... • How to build customer loyalty and make MORE money with LESS work!... • One of the easiest ways to uncover what buyers REALLY want and are willing to pay top dollar for!

Private Label Report Package #97 - "Media Buying"

Insider secrets to profitable media buying!...• The sneaky trick to instantly gaining the upper hand in your negotiations!...• How to quickly and easily get almost any media buy for pennies on the dollar!...• Simple tips you can use to get the most effective placement in print publications!...• The killer negotiation strategies top media buyers use to get the best deal every single time!  

Private Label Report Package #98 -
"10 Minute Blog Marketing"

The smart way to promote your blog in just 10 minutes per day!...• The fastest method of generating massive exposure for every new blog you create!... • How to exploit free online resources to skyrocket your website traffic, instantly!... • PROVEN traffic "magnets" that will drive in fresh, targeted buyers!... • One of the easiest ways to tap into your niche market and increase your income, effortlessly without paying a dime on marketing campaigns! 

Private Label Report Package #99 - "Instant Affiliate Cash"

Your guide to make money with instant commission affiliate programs!...• The highest paying "instant cash" programs available! Start promoting these products and start making money instantly!... • The fast track method of promoting instant cash programs!.... • How to build powerful marketing campaigns that will skyrocket your income and funnel in unstoppable payments!... • One of the easiest ways to set up your instant cash system using FREE resources! Never pay a dime in advertising costs!  

Private Label Report Package #100 - "Traffic Magnets"

7 days to unlimited traffic...• Follow a 7-day traffic system to siphon in as much targeted traffic as your server can handle!... • Find out how you can grab your share of traffic from social networking communities instantly!... • How to create a powerful article campaign that will drive in unstoppable traffic VERY quickly!... • The most powerful traffic resource that will FLOOD your website with fresh traffic!... • How you can "exploit" feeder sites for instant exposure - effortlessly!

Private Label Report Package #101 -
"List Building Simplified"

How to funnel fresh subscribers into your mailing list, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week!... • The fastest methods of building MASSIVE mailing lists, absolutely FREE!... • The #1 resource for finding targeted subscribers!... • How to set up a high converting squeeze page!... • Critical components of a successful mailing list!

Private Label Report Package #102 - "Explosive Viral Marketing"

Explode your traffic with viral marketing!...• One of the most important components of EVERY viral campaign! You need to make sure you inject these powerful "traffic triggers"!... • How to set up a successful viral marketing campaign in less than 48 hours even if you've never done it before!... • How to guarantee your campaign goes viral by using 'stealth techniques' that tap into current market demand!... • The easiest way to maintain momentum and boost longevity of every viral campaign you ever create! Get MORE traffic, instantly!

Private Label Report Package #103 - "Nitro Web Launches"

Blast your next launch into the stratosphere with mass traffic!....• Powerful techniques to instantly jump-start your website traffic and establish an online presence in any niche market imaginable!... • How to power up your website with targeted buyers using FREE feeder site resources!... • The #1 most important component of a successful website launch!... • The easiest way to create pre-launch buzz that will skyrocket your income and funnel unstoppable traffic to your website quickly and easily! 

Private Label Report Package #104 - "Traffic Insider"

Unlimited traffic on command!...• How you can start generating targeted traffic to your website in less than 45 minutes!... • The most important traffic generation tools that you need to blast fresh traffic to your site!... • What FREE resources should always be a part of your traffic campaigns for maximum results!... • How to create "index magnets" that will help you rank within the search engines quickly!... • Where you can go to find HUNGRY buyers in your niche market, absolutely FREE!... • One of the easiest ways of flooding your website with unstoppable traffic!  

Private Label Report Package #105 - "Social Rockstar"

Powerful Social Marketing Strategies!...• The top social networking communities that will drive in more traffic than any other combined method, guaranteed!... • The fast track method of maximizing exposure and building massive mailing lists of targeted prospects!... • How to build a brand as a recognized authority in your niche market just by exploiting the popularity of social communities!... • One of the easiest ways to monetize your social networking profile that will work for EVERY community you ever join! 

Shopping Cart Platforms package

Private Label Report Package #106 - "Shopping Cart Platforms"

The Top 10 shopping cart platforms that will help you build a powerful eCommerce site instantly! How you can use the power of automated delivery to free up your time and maximize your income! Find out what shopping cart platforms work with recurring membership websites! What you absolutely NEED to look for in a shopping cart solution and what to avoid! And much, much more!

Profit Builders Package

Private Label Report Package #107 - "Profit Builders"

The complete anatomy of a successful email marketing message and how to craft compelling email copy that is guaranteed to generate positive results! One of the easiest ways to boost open rates for ALL of your email marketing campaigns! The critical element needed in order to skyrocket your income with a 100% increase in response rates! The very best way to enhance your email marketing message open rates and what you should NEVER do when contacting your subscribers! (Do NOT miss this important warning!) And much, much more!  

Monster Size Niche Package

Private Label Report Package #108 - "Monster Size Niche"

If you are looking for a guaranteed money-maker, you'll want to read every word on page 4, when the #1 niche is revealed! One of the easiest ways of making money online just by helping others! Find out how you can create mouth-watering offers that customers will gladly pay for! A shockingly fast (and easy!) method of building insanely profitable websites, offers and services! (Without lifting a finger or outsourcing a thing!) - See page 7! Mind blowing niche domination short-cut strategies that will save you a tremendous amount of time and money while helping you generate instant cash online! (Hint: Up to 99.9% of the "work" has already been done for you!) And much, much more! 

The List Building Lie Package

Private Label Report Package #109 - "List Building Lie"

The greatest lie ever told in email marketing! Don't fall victim to this outrageous profit-stealing myth that will sabotage your efforts to make REAL money online! The easiest way to get started in email marketing all comes down to this ONE thing! Find out what it is on page 5 of this mind blowing report! The shocking truth about making 7-figures a year in email marketing and what you really need to do to guarantee a spot in the top of your industry with surefire winning email campaigns! (See page 9) The #1 resource for building automated squeeze pages that convert like crazy while automating up to 99% of your list building tasks! (This power playing software makes it drop-dead easy to build profitable email campaigns even if you are a total beginner! -- See page 10!) And much, much more! 

YouTube Saturation Package

Private Label Report Package #110 - "YouTube Saturation"

How to generate instant traffic to your website, easily! Siphon high quality, ultra-targeted traffic to your offers! The easiest way to dominate your market with laser-targeted video based campaigns! These video ads will suck in customers by the minute, driving your message out to a global audience of buyers! A shockingly fast (and easy!) method of building instant momentum so your videos can go viral! Watch as your marketing message spreads like wildfire, instantly! One of the easiest ways of setting ALL of your advertising on complete & total autopilot! Forget babysitting your ads - you will never have to again! And much, much more! 

LinkedIn Exposure Package

Private Label Report Package #111 - "LinkedIn Exposure "

The easiest way to connect with the "movers & shakers" in your industry so you can make more money than ever before! How to stand out in your market, become a recognized brand and build a solid presence in just a few short days! A guaranteed method for uncovering profitable networking opportunities in your market! Unbelievably lucrative strategies for building a solid network of customers and a loyal following of repeat buyers! And much, much more! 

Success Swap Package

Private Label Report Package #112 - "Success Swap"

How to use the power of bartering to free up cash flow, minimize costs and maximize profits! One of the easiest ways to gain access to valuable services that will transform your business! Find out how you can uncover the most valuable bartering opportunities ever revealed! The very best way to choose the right opportunities and eliminate all risks involved! And much, much more! 

Commission Accelerator Package

Private Label Report Package #113 - "Commission Accelerator"

Uncover the exciting new system that makes it easier than ever to explode your affiliate income!Find out how you can instantly maximize your income while never having to worry about "delayed" payments again! Exploit the "super affiliates" secret weapon that will generate instant cash on command! How to make MORE money in LESS time by copying the 7-figure affiliate secret used by the most successful gurus!And much, much more! 

Profit from Fiction Package

Private Label Report Package #114 - ";Profit from Fiction"

What you need to know about the fiction market and how it can make you more money than you've ever dreamt possible! The easiest way to make money in fiction even if you've never written a story before! (In fact, you don't have to write a single line using my simple, 'hands-free' strategy!) Find out how you can guarantee a best selling story every time! (Eliminate all risks and push out hot sellers like clockwork!) How to start making money every month as a fiction publisher - while having other people do all of the work! And much, much more! 

Web Design Blunders

Private Label Report Package #115 - "Web Design Blunders"

Uncover the most common mistakes people make when designing websites, and how they can absolutely destroy your SEO or conversions! And Also Learn... How to make sure your website's design isn't turning visitors away permanently!Why something as simple as the colors and fonts you can use can make a HUGE difference in conversions! Plus discover the simple little things you can do to drastically increase your site's traffic -- and it may not be what you think it is! and much more! 


Content Cration Mistakes

Private Label Report Package #116 - "Content Curation Mistakes"

Discover the pitfalls of curating content that could be costing you profits! As We Reveal... How YOU Can Engage With More Readers! Where The Most Beneficial Content Can Be Found! How To Boost Your SEO Rankings Exponentially! How NOT To Run Afoul Of Copyright Rules! and much more!


Deadly Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Private Label Report Package #117 - "Deadly Affiliate Marketing Mistakes"

See The Common Fails That Are Ruining Your Chance For Success. And Find Out... The Number One Reason You Are NOT Making More Sales! Where The Big Checks Really Come From! How To Pick More Profitable Products To Promote! The #1 Fear That Must Be Overcome...and much more! 


Copywriting Mistakes Package

Private Label Report Package #118- "Copywriting Mistakes"

Double or Triple Your Sales By Avoiding These Copywriting Mistakes! Discover...How To Write High Converting Copy You Can Be Proud Of! How Action and Value Words Really Play In Your Reader's BrainHow To Write Bullet Points That Always Hit The Target! Why Sometimes Less Copy, Is Really More. And much much more! 

Copywriting Mistakes Package

Private Label Report Package #119- "Shopify Profits 101"

Get A PeakDiscover ... What's NOT Written What Makes Profits Through Shopify And What Doesn't!The Most Common Profit Killing Mistakes You Should Avoid! Our Insider-Only Tips, Tricks…

Copywriting Mistakes Package

Private Label Report Package #120- "Content Marketing 101"

Discover the essentials of successful content marketing for business! As we reveal ... Why Most People Fail - But You Won't! Where The Very Best Content Ideas Are Hiding! How To Use OTC (Other People's Content) For Win - Win Torrents of Traffic! Our Best - Dirt Cheap Proven Viral Media Content Strategies! And much much more!

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- Home business opportunities and mindsets
- Network marketing mindsets and stories
- Health & Wellness
- Relationships & Social domination

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Grab audios such as hypnotherapy, audio affirmations, binaural beats, meditation tracks, motivational stories, ambient sounds for tranquility, relaxing music and breath modulation tracks.

This is the ultimate audio package for the personal development niche and you will never find content this unique anywhere else!

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The sheer amount of PLR videos you will find here is almost as big a terabyte.

The biggest collection of personal development videos contains products such as guided hypnosis videos, affirmation videos, meditation video series, subliminal mantras, personal development coaching videos, fitness videos and even inspirational videos that you can resell for a good fortune.

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This is the mother ship of all turnkey businesses in the PLR industry.

You will get:

100 Original Products
100 Sales letter
100 Squeeze Pages
100 Thank You Page
200 Promo Emails
450 Traffic Articles For Submisison
100 Keyword lists
100 Special Preview Report

Complete ‘cut and paste’ products that you can use to start your own content farm.

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Got an amazing piece of software you'd like to sell as an affiliate but don't want to spam your readers with affiliate links? Pre-sell them with a high quality informative report and send it out for frictionless sales!

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Want to increase the sales of your existing products? Package related products together and offer all of them as a special bonus. Take the table of contents to help write a quick description of the bonus and you'll immediately boost conversions.

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Need more organic and long-term traffic? Break the reports down into their chapters, re-write the chapter title for your article and submit to high quality article directories like Ezine Articles. Use a tool like 'The Best Spinner' or 'Spin Re-Write' to produce fresh articles quickly!

Copy and paste snippets onto your blog to encourage discussion

Got nothing to add on your blog or just don't know the niche well enough to produce your own content? Copy and paste a chapter from the report and paste it into your blog. Then tweak the content with your own writing style, add an exciting new title and paste in a stock photo to match. Broadcast an email your list about the new post and get a discussion going!

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