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We only build well selected niche blogs based on current market trends. Fully Responsive & Support for Mobile Viewing
Multi Theme Layout (2 Columns / 3 columns) Boxed & Full Width style
Social Media users profiles Auto Amazon store page
Already posted with 10 article (PLR articles) Professional looking, Clean and Elegant design
Powerful & User Friendly Theme Option Unlimited Colors Scheme
Ultra Flexible Banner Ads 30+ Custom Widgets
Auto Generate videos 500+ Google Web Fonts
Monetized with Clickbank and Amazon Easy to install in a few steps

These Niche Blogs Have Been Optimized
to the Highest Level for:

Adsense - The color blended 300x250 Adsense block has been strategically integrated into the sidebar as well as 468x60 blocks in the individual posts. This placement will ensure a maximum click-through rate and give you a great stream of passive income

Clickbank - The highest converting Clickbank products have been hand picked and added to each blog - you will receive up to 75% commission for each sale generated from your blog

Amazon - Thousands of people make killer incomes from Amazons aStore script and you should be too! Using an easily manageable tool a fully functioning Amazon affiliate store has been integrated into each of the blogs


Introduce - 25 Health Niche Blogs


acne   adhd   allergies   anti aging treatment
bedwetting   chiropracticcare   diebetes   eczema
gastricbypass   hairloss   heartburn   hemorrhoids
humangrowthhormone   irritable bowel syndrome   kidney stone   muscle building
obsessive compulsive disorder   panic attacks   pregnancy   psoriasis
schizophrenia   skin care   sleep apnea   teeth whitening
yeast infection            
1. Acne 14. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
2. Allergies 15. Kidney Stone
3. Anti Aging Treatment 16. Muscle Building
4. Attention Deficit Disorder 17. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
5. Bedwetting 18. Panic Attacks
6. Chiropractic Care 19. Pregnancy
7. Diabetes 20. Psoriasis
8. Eczema 21. Schizophrenia
9. Gastric Bypass 22. Skin Care
10. Hair Loss 23. Sleep Apnea
11. Heartburn 24. Teeth Whitening
12. Hemorrhoids 25. Yeast Infection
13. Human Growth Hormone  

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So let's take a look what are included
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  • Niche - I decided to build sites around the "Health" niche because no doubt it is one of the hottest markets around!
  • Design - (worth $100) All design works are unique and professionally designed by professionals. I have ensure that the designs are eye-catchy and effective in building up income of the sites... in fact the blog customization itself costs $150.
  • Store - There is a section with books related to the particular Health niche. You can add more books with few clicks
  • Custom Header - You will receive PSD files for easy editing.
  • Wordpress - These blogs are running on the internet's premier blogging platform.
  • Ebook Cover - You will receive PSD files and an ecoverscript for easy photoshop editing.
acne-ecover adhd-ecover allergies antiagingtreatment-ecover bedwetting-ecover
chiropracticcare-ecover diabetes-ecover eczema-ecover gastricbypass-ecover hairloss-ecover
heartburn-ecover hemorrhoids-ecover hgh-ecover ibs-ecover kidneystone-ecover
musclebuilding-ecover ocd-ecover panicattacks-ecover pregnancy-ecover psoriasis-ecover
schizophrenia-ecover skincare-ecover sleepapnea-ecover teethwhitening-ecover yeastinfection-ecover


Introduce - 33 Health Niche Blogs PLR

acid reflux     anabolic cooking  
asthma     back pain   bad breath
cold sore   depression     diabetes
eczema       hair loss
  low carbohydrate diet   moles warts  
    sweating   thyroid
vision without glass            
LIST OF NICHES: 19. Hemorrhoids
1.   Acid Reflux 20. Insomnia
2.   Acne 21. Kidney Stones
3.  Anabolic Cooking 22. Languages
4.  Anti Aging 23. Low Carbohydrate Diet
5.  Asthma 24. Moles and Warts Removal
6.  Attention Deficit Disorder 25. Muscle
7.  Back Pain 26. Pregnancy
8.  Bad Breath 27. Sleep Apnea
9.  Cold Sore 28. Sweating
11. Depression 29. Thyroid
12. Detox 30. Tinnitus
13. Diabetes 31. Skin Care
14. Eczema 32. Solar
15. Forex 33. Stop Panic
16. Gastric 33. Vision Without Glass
17. Hair Loss  
18. Heartburn  


Introduce - 44 PLR Niche Blogs


37 Internet Marketing WP Plugins with PLR

This is a big collection of premium quality WordPress plugins on hot Internet Marketing topics. I bought a license to these WP plugins from Wynter Jones, and this license allows me to transfer PLR to you. EACH of these PLR plugins used to sell for $97 – $197 a pop. I’ve actually spent several thousand dollars with Wynter and Dylan over the years buying PLR to their content… and now I’m able to transfer you PLR to 38 of their hot plugins.

NOTE: I didn’t create these plugins, and some of them are a year or two old… so if you experience any problems, sorry but I can’t really do anything. Most should work fine, but some might need some tweaking by another developer. Just being 100% transparent with you.

WP ezLead WP ezLead

Create awesome looking “full background image” lead capture pages that can fit anywhere and convert like crazy (can be used for the web, Facebook and mobile devices).



WP CTA Revealr WP CTA Revealr

Create high-converting Call To Action buttons in different styles with WP shortcodes.



Spark Engine Spark Engine

Create any type of webpage live in your browser and WordPress. Using all-new HTML5 features you can edit all your content right in your web page – you literally get a “What You See is What You Get” Experience.



WP Tweeet Plugin WP Tweeet Plugin

Create engaging Tweetable content with sweet tool-tip popups using shortcodes.




WP Speed Lock WP Speed Lock

Increase your opt-in conversions by adding a timed countdown on your freebies.




WP Video Optin WP Video Optin

Create stunning “full video background” email opt-in pages within WordPress.




WP-Facebook-Survey WP Facebook Survey

Create amazing timeline surveys that gets you the REAL answers every time.




WP Facebook Tube WP Facebook Tube

Create amazing YouTube video galleries inside of Facebook that gets results.




WP Facebook Webinar WP Facebook Webinar

Create high converting webinar landing pages inside of Facebook.




WP Offline Pricing Pro Offline Pricing Pro

Impress Your Clients With Professional Pricing Pages in WordPress




WP Easy Optin WP Easy Optin

Create powerful email opt-in forms using effective and creative WordPress shortcodes.




WP EverLead WP EverLead

Create professional landing pages for local businesses. Comes with 8 pre-made templates for: Mobile SEO, High PR SEO, Brand Rep, Facebook, Mobi Design, Web Design, Social MGMT and Lead Sales.



WP Facebook Connect WP Facebook Connect

Create as many FB connect buttons as you want – integration with ANY auto-responder!





Create killer Facebook page graphics without Photoshop or any skills.




WP Facebook Local Hub WP Facebook Local Hub

Create simple and effective Facebook pages for your offline clients.




WP Facebook Redirect WP Facebook Redirect

Put links on your Facebook page to redirect traffic anywhere on the web.




WP Fanpage Pro WP Fanpage Pro

Create and manage your Facebook Fan Pages in one easy to use dashboard without tech skills.




Internet Marketing Plugin Internet Marketing Plugin

Create unlimited sales pages, squeeze pages, and review pages inside any WordPress theme.




WP Instant Ebook WP Instant Ebook

The ABSOLUTE Fastest Way to Turn Any WordPress Blog into a Beautiful Re-Sellable Ebook.




WP Lead Capture WP Lead Capture

Create Beautiful 3-Step Email Capture Pages within WordPress.




WP Local Business Plugin WP Local Business Plugin

Create social powered business landing pages with: tabbed content, email capture form, photos and soil media, Google maps, yelp reviews, and more.



WP Local Lead Booster WP Local Lead Booster

The perfect tool for any small business to target their local market by building a web presence using the Local Lead Booster wordpress theme. Collect leads, create credibility and grow our business!



WP Question Optin WP Question Optin

Increase email opt-in conversion and gain insight on each lead you generate.




WP Timeline Optin

WP Timeline Optin

Create amazing timeline opt-in pages that go viral and 100% customizable.




WP Video Affiliate WP Video Affiliate

Easily create video affiliate review pages and manage your affiliate bonuses inside of WordPress.




WP Buzz Machine WP Buzz Machine

Easily create viral meme image generating landing pages inside WordPress.




WP Call Directory WP Call Directory

Start your own toll-free call directory for your offline clients or yourself.




WP Coupon Pro WP Coupon Pro

Viral offline mobile coupons that grow your clients Facebook fans like crazy.




WP Launch Theme WP Launch Theme

Launch your product with this WordPress “All-in-One” theme.




WP Like Pop

WP Like Pop

Convert qualified traffic with eye grabbing animated social pop-ups that activate at the bottom of your blog.




WP Local Deals WP Local Deals

Start your own local deals site within WordPress.




WP Media Remix WP Media Remix

Viral branded media players with timed actions and auto-responder popup.




WP Movie Affiliate WP Movie Affiliate

Create captivating movie review pages with this WP theme.




WP Music Affiliate WP Music Affiliate

Tap into the billion dollar music industry by creating music review pages (combining WordPress + iTunes + Amazon).



WP Optin Countdown WP Optin Countdown

Create unlimited email opt-in countdown WordPress pages in seconds.




WP Pin Review WP Pin Review

Build unlimited review blogs that not only look beautiful but link to Pinterest back to your reviews with your affiliate link.



WP Restaurant Pro WP Restaurant Pro

Easily create beautiful websites for any small restaurant.







Bonus #1 : Product Creation Workshop


Bonus #2 : Online Success Training


Bonus #3 : Landing Page Templates


Bonus #4 : High Quality Sales Templates


Bonus #5 : 20 Squeeze Page Templates


Bonus #6 : 70 Professional Popup Images


Bonus #7 : Cartoon Characters


Bonus #8 : Multiple Screen Mockup Graphics


Bonus #9 : Creative Facebook Timelime Templates


Bonus #10 : Premium Header Templates


Bonus #11 :Premium Logo Templates


Bonus #12 : Businessman Mascot Kit


Bonus #13 : Print Flyer Templates


Bonus #14 : Premium Layer Styles


Bonus #15 : Visual Headline Templates


Bonus #16 : Usual Graphical Elements


Bonus #17 : The Ultimate Graphics Pack 148,000+ Graphics:


Bonus #18:Graphic Bot Marketing


Bonus #19: 500HD Stock Photo Backgrounds


Bonus #20 : Motion Mascots V3

"Make Highly Engaging, Profit-Generating Videos With 150
Copy-And-Paste Animated Characters"



150 Animated characters in dynamic poses & fabulous look for your videos!



150 Static characters to boost your website engagement & conversions!



Start creating profit-pulling videos that stand out from anyone else



All the graphics are ready-to-go, copy-and-paste & done-for-you!



Forget about paying expensive outsourcing prices, or relying on 'always late' designers


What You'll Receive... Number of Graphics Value
MODULE #1 - Basketball Guy "Mike" - Animated Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #2 - Basketball Guy "Mike" - Static Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #3 - Basketball Backgrounds 4 $27.00
MODULE #4 - Curious Boy "Anthony" - Animated Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #5 - Curious Boy "Anthony" - Static Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #6 - Public Areas Backgrounds 4 $27.00
MODULE #7 - Handsome Chief "George" - Animated Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #8 - Handsome Chief "George" - Static Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #9 - Restaurant Backgrounds 4 $27.00
MODULE #10 - Fire Fighter "Joseph" - Animated Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #11 - Fire Fighter "Joseph" - Static Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #12 - Fire Station Background 4 $27.00
MODULE #13 - Friendly Fellow "Andrew" - Animated Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #14 - Friendly Fellow "Andrew" - Static Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #15 - Living Area Backgrounds 4 $27.00
MODULE #16 - Police Officer "Richard" - Animated Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #17 - Police Officer "Richard" - Static Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #18 - Police Station Backgrounds 4 $27.00
MODULE #19 - Careless Student "Tim" - Animated Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #20 - Careless Student "Tim" - Static Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #21 - College Backgrounds 4 $27.00
MODULE #22 - Cyclist "Roger" - Animated Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #23 - Cyclist "Roger" - Static Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #24 - Cycling Backgrounds 4 $27.00
MODULE #25 - Golf Player "Harry" - Animated Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #26 - Golf Player "Harry" - Static Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #27 - Golf Backgrounds 4 $27.00
MODULE #28 - Cheerful Lady "Carol" - Animated Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #29 - Cheerful Lady "Carol" - Static Character 15 $27.00
MODULE #30 - Generic Backgrounds 4 $27.00
FAST-ACTION BONUS #1 – Youtube Marketing Made Easy Course   $197.00
FAST-ACTION BONUS #2 – 12 Months Of Free Updates & Free Tech Support   $47.00
FAST-ACTION BONUS #3 – Step-By-Step Video Trainings How To Use Your Video Assets   $47.00
FAST-ACTION BONUS #4 – Graphics Mystic VIP Facebook Group   $47.00
FAST-ACTION BONUS #5 – Easy Animator Software - Lite Version   $147.00
FAST-ACTION BONUS #6 – 50 Animated Objects 50 $197.00
FAST-ACTION BONUS #7 – 10 Full HD Backgrounds 10 $27.00
Total Value Today 400 $1,519.00


Bonus #21 : Graphics Blackbox V1,2 & 3


Bonus #22: 5,000+ Royalty-Free Stock Photos


Bonus #23 : 529 Website Graphics & Icons

Bonus #24: 1000 Icon Galore

Bonus #25 : 100,000+ Niche Articles With PLR

Bonus #26 : 150,000 Articles With PLR

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Bonus #27:Niche Blog


Bonus #28:Ready Built Sites


Bonus #29:Premium Niche 8 Packs


Bonus #30: Car Dealers Blog


Bonus #31: Craft Tips

Bonus #32: Create Mobile Apps


Bonus #33: Digital Software


Bonus #34:Facebook Apps Niche


Bonus #35:ipad Video Lessons


Bonus #36:Online Traffic Blog


Bonus #37:Seafood Restaurant Niche


Bonus #38: 10 Product Review

Bonus #39: 6 Review Sites


Bonus #40: Azon Monster WP Theme


Bonus #41: Christmas Amazon Store


Bonus #42: Full Alternative Energy


Bonus #43: Gardening AMA Store


Bonus #44: Amazon Affiliate Golf Store

Bonus #45: Amazon Affiliate Grocery Store


Bonus #46: Amazon Halloween


Bonus #47: Kayak Amazon Store


Bonus #48: Azon Luggage Store


Bonus #49: Watches Azon Affiliate


Bonus #50:Fitness DVD Review site

Bonus #51: Evergreen Lead System


Bonus #52: 50 WP Themes

Bonus #53:Gridline


Bonus #54:Local Lead Theme

Bonus #55:Meteora Theme


Bonus #56:Wonder Sense WP Theme


Bonus #57:WP Miranda Theme

Bonus #58:MixMag


Bonus #59:Overpress Theme

Bonus #60: PhotoPro Theme


Bonus #61:WP Pin Review


Bonus #62:WP Promo Theme

Bonus #63:WP Restaurant Pro


Bonus #64: SimpleBizz


Bonus #65:WP Social Press


Bonus #66:Blank Minisite Template


Bonus #67:Square Theme


Bonus #68: Azon Store Theme


Bonus #69: Premium Azon Store


Bonus #70: Premium Azon Store WP Theme



Bonus #71: Azon Smart Watch Template


Bonus #72: Black Friday Template


Bonus #73: 100 Mobile Website Templates




Bonus #74: Mobile Squeeze Page



Bonus #75: Pro Marketing Templates



Bonus #76:Ultimate Squeeze Page

Bonus #77: Facebook Store Generator


Bonus #78: Acne Video Site Builder


Bonus #79:Asthma Video Site Builder

Bonus #80: Baby Stroller Profits


Bonus #81:Ballroom Dancing

Bonus #82: Beauty Azon Niche Store


Bonus #83:Bowling Video Site Builder


Bonus #84: Coffee Machine Affiliate Package


Bonus #85: Dating Niche

Bonus #86: Dental Niche


Bonus #87: Fishing Video Site Builder

Bonus #88: Golf Lesson

Bonus #89: Hair Lost Video Site

Bonus #90: Healthy Eating

Bonus #91: Home Furniture

Bonus #92:Instant Woodwork

Bonus #93: Paintball Video Site


Bonus #94:Personal Finance Video Site


Bonus #95:Pet Grooming

Bonus #96:Physiotherapy

Bonus #97: Power Tool Affiliate Package


Bonus #98:Tooth Care Video Site

Bonus #99: Toy Store Software


Bonus #100: Wedding Video Site Builder

Bonus #101: Women’s Jewelry


Bonus #102: Affiliate Ad Rotator

Lifetime Access to Affiliate Ad Rotator!

This Software App is AWESOME! Simply, select your ads via check box, enter your ClickBank ID, select how many ads you would like to be displayed at any one time and choose your display options, such as borders, spacing and alignment, then hit the 'Generate Code' button and you have the code that will randomly display all the HIGHLY converting ads you selected, earning you ADDITIONAL affiliate commissions, straight into your ClickBank account every single week! You get Lifetime Access to Affiliate Ad Rotator.


Bonus #103: Affiliate Tune WP Plugin

Bonus #104:Article To Video


Bonus #105:Automatically Backup Your WP

Bonus #106: Azon Link Conversion


Bonus #107:Azon Notify Box


Bonus #108:Blog Book

Bonus #109:Cloud Save It

Bonus #110:Comment And Subscribe

Bonus #111:Digital Downloads Lockdown


Bonus #112: Discount Motivator Pro


Bonus #113:DL Shield


Bonus #114: Drop In Reviews Pro


Bonus #115: Easy Membership

Bonus #116: Easy Pinterest

Bonus #117: End Of Page


Bonus #118:Expiring Content Plugin

Bonus #119: Ez Azon Cart


Bonus #120: Ez Ad Creator

Bonus #121: EZ Bookmark US


Bonus #122:Fancy Box Poppers

Bonus #123:Fast Tube

Bonus #124:FB Survey

Bonus #125:Force Password Update


Bonus #126: Hilite And Share

Bonus #127:HotelsCombined

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Bonus #129:Instant Social Images

Bonus #130:Jazzy Optins

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Bonus #136: Limited Time Offer Builder

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Bonus #192:The Complete Guide To Site Flipping

Bonus #193:TheEssential Guide To Blog Flipping


Bonus #194:The Flipping Code

Bonus #195: Alibaba Profit System


Bonus #196: Amazon Reviewer


Bonus #197: Amazon Income Master


Bonus #198: Azon bully


Bonus #199: Azon FBA 101

Bonus #200: Azon Motorbike Store

Bonus #201: Azon Product Previews


Bonus #202: Sell On FBA


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Bonus #204: TeeSpring 3 Day Cash

Bonus #205: TeeSpring Know How


Bonus #206:Android Content Creation

Bonus #207:Complete Product Creation


Bonus #208:Covert Affiliate Link Masker


Bonus #209:Creating Split Screen Videos


Bonus #210:Create Video Squeeze Pages

Bonus #211:How To Create Favicon

Bonus #212:IT Essentials


Bonus #213: Keyword Suggestion Software


Bonus #214:Powerful Forum

Bonus #215:PS Instant Expert

Bonus #216:Set Up Automated


Bonus #217: Special Report

Bonus #218: Swift Page


Bonus #219: Internet Marketing Technical



Bonus #220: Kompozer 4 Newbies

Bonus #221: WordPress Ecommerce

Bonus #222: WordPress KnowHow



Bonus #223: WordPress Mastery Videos


Video 1: How to Create Subdomains and Add-on Domains in cPanel

Sub-domains are used to divide your primary website into different "categories".

And add-on domains are used when you want to add a new domain name to your hosting account instead of paying for new hosting.

This video shows you how to create both sub-domains and add-on domains!

Video 2: How to Install WordPress Automatically Using cPanel

Installing Wordpress automatically through cPanel is the easiest and fastest way. This video shows you how to install Wordpress within 2 minutes by using cPanel.

Video 3: How to Install WordPress Manually Via FTP

If your hosting account does not have cPanel, you can also choose to install Wordpress manually via FTP. This is a more tedious process and this video shows you how to install Wordpress manually via FTP.

Video 4: How to Change Your Permalinks Structure

The default permalinks structure used by Wordpress does not help in on-site search engine optimization (SEO). This video shows you how to change your permalinks structure to make it more SEO-friendly.

Video 5: How to Create New Blog Posts

The easiest way to start blogging would be to create new blog posts. This video shows you how to create a new blog post in Wordpress.

Video 6: How to Create New Pages

You can also create pages in Wordpress such as "About Me" which are separate from the blog content. This video shows you how to create a new page in Wordpress.

Video 7: How to Insert Images

To make your blog look more attractive, you're bound to need to insert images to make it more lively. This video shows you how to insert images in your blog posts.

Video 8: How To Install Plugins Automatically

There are tens of thousands of Wordpress plugins available to improve various functionalities Wordpress! This video shows you how to install Wordpress plugins automatically via the dashboard.

Video 9: How to Upgrade / Delete Plugins Automatically

There are always new updates for Wordpress plugins. And you might want to delete old plugins which you're no longer using. This video shows you how to upgrade and also delete your plugins automatically.

Video 10: How to Upload & Install Plugins Manually

If you happen to download a plugin which cannot be installe automatically, you'll have to upload it manually via FTP. This video shows you exactly how to do that!

Video 11: How to Install Themes Automatically

A wordpress theme is a layout template designed to run on Wordpress. Thousands of pre-made Wordpress themes exist on the Internet. This video shows you how to install Wordpress themes automatically via the dashboard.

Video 12: How to Customize Your Theme Menu

Inside your Wordpress dashboard, you can actually create your own custom navigation menus and footer menus. This video shows you how to customize your theme menu.

Video 13: How to Upload and Install Themes Manually

Not all themes can be installed via the dashboard and when that happens,you can do it the traditional way. This video shows you how to upload and install themes manually via FTP.

Video 14: How to Use Widgets in The Sidebar

WordPress Widgets (WPW) is like a plugin, but designed to provide a simple way to arrange the various elements of your sidebar content (known as "widgets") without having to change any code.. This video shows you how to use widgets in the sidebar.

Video 15: How to Add and Manage Users

You can actually allow other people to post content to your blog by adding user accounts and giving others login access. This video shows you how to add and manage users in your Wordpress blog.

Video 16: How to Upgrade WordPress Version Automatically Via The Dashboard

Wordpress frequently release new version updates to add security fixes or upgrade functionality. This video shows you how to quickly upgrade your Wordpress version automatically via your dashboard.

Video 17: How to Inserting Audio or MP3 Files

Instead of just plain text, you can also insert audio or mp3 files to allow your readers to listen to them on your blog. This video shows you how to cinsert audio or mp3 files to your wordpress blog.

Video 18: How to Use Gravatars for Your Blog

Gravatar (an abbreviation for globally recognized avatar) is a service for providing globally unique avatars which can appear beside comments leaved by your readers. This video shows you how to use gravatars for your Wordpress blog.

Video 19: How to Edit WordPress Theme CSS Styles

In order to make changes to your theme's appearance, you need to edit the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) file. This video shows you how to edit your Wordpress theme's CSS styles.

Video 20: How to Add YouTube Videos to WordPress Automatically

Another way to make your blog more lively and entertaining is by adding videos to it.This video shows you how to easily add videos from Youtube to Wordpress automatically

Video 21: How to Create Backups for Your WordPress Blog

Anything could happen to your blog and you do not want the unfortunate incident of losing years of blog content. So you would want to create backups of your blog so you can restore it when you need them. This video shows you how to create backups for your wordpress blog.

Video 22: How to Import Content from Blogger to WordPress

If you have content from blogger (or blogspot) which you want to transfer to your Wordpress blog, you can do that as well! This video shows you how to import content from Blogger to Wordpress.

Video 23: How to Add Google Analytics to Wordpress

It's really important for you to track your website traffic statistics so you know which areas is working well for you. Google Analytics allow you track where your visitors are coming from and even sales conversions. This video shows you how to add Google Analytics to your Wordpress blog.

Video 24: How to Place a Banner In the Sidebar

The most common way of monetizing a blog is by placing banner ads linked to your own website or affiliate links. This video shows you how to place a banner in your Wordpress blog's sidebar.

Video 25: How to Place an Adsense Ad In Your Blog Post

Google Adsense is also a common way on how you can actually make money with a blog. This video shows you how to easily place an Adsense ad in your blog post.

Video 26: How to Add Feedburner to Your Wordpress Blog

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds allow you to easily syndicate content from your blog so others can easily view on their RSS readers. A feedburner account will allow you to setup your blog's RSS feed. This video shows you how to add Feedburner to your Wordpress blog.

Video 27: How to Install and Use the All-In-One SEO Plugin

The All-In-One SEO plugin is an extremely useful Wordpress plugin which improves your blog's on-site search engine optimization (SEO).This video shows you how to install and use the all-in-one SEO plugin.

Video 28: How to Install and Use A Contact Form Plugin

You'll probably want to allow your blog readers to have a way to contact you to encourage more interaction.This video shows you how to install a contact form plugin on your Wordpress blog and how to use it.

Video 29: How to Insert an Aweber Form In The Sidebar

Ideally, you'll also want to capture your blog readers onto your mailing list. To do tha, you need an autoresponder account like Aweber. This video shows you how to insert an Aweber form in your sidebar.

Video 30: How to Use The Akismet Spam Plugin

Every blog is bound to face comments left from spammer. If you wish to manage these spam comments manually on your own, it's going to take up loads of your time. This video shows you how to use the Akismet spam plugin to combat these spam comments.

Video 31: How to Customize Your 404 Error Page

A 404 error page shows when a visitor lands on a page of your website which doesn't exist. You're able to monetize your 404 error pages by placing ads on it. This video shows you how to customize your 404 error pages according to your preferences.

Video 32: How to Add/Delete Categories

You're able to add categories to your blog and categorize your posts accordingly. This video shows you how to add and delete categories from your blog easily.

Video 33: How to Block Your Site From Search Engines

There could be instances where you want to block your blog from being picked up from the search engines for privacy reasons. This video shows you how to configure the settings to block your blog from the search engines.

Video 34: How to Add & Edit New Links In Your Blogroll

You can have a blog roll which consists of links to websites of your choice. This video shows you how to easily add and edit new links in your blog roll.

Video 35: How to Change Your Login Password Through Wordpress Admin

It's recommended that you change your blog's password occasionally to prevent it from being abused by hackers. This video shows you how to change your login password through the wordpress admin panel.

Video 36: How to Change The Blog Title

It's good to optimize your blog's title with keywords that you wish to rank for as part of on-page optimization. This video shows you how to change your blog title through the wordpress admin panel.

Video 37: How To Clean Up A New WordPress Blog

Whenever you start a new wordpress blog, there are a couple of things that you should do to make it look professional right from the start. This video shows you how to clean up a new Wordpress blog.

Video 38: How to Moderate The Comments Made On Your Site

Every blog is bound to face comments left from spammer so it's good that you have some form of control policy on your blog. This video shows you how to moderate the comments made on your site.

Video 39: How to Customize Your WordPress Dashboard

Every wordpress blog has a dashboard when you login and it is actually customizable according to your liking. This video shows you how to customize your wordpress dashboard.

Video 40: How to Put A Custom Header in Your Blog

A blog's header is very important as that's the first thing that your visitors' see when they visit your blog. So you would want to change it to be unique and attractive. This video shows you how to put a custom header image in your blog.

Video 41: How to Delete Comments Inside Trash Folder

After you delete comments, it ends up in your trash folder and if many of these comments accumulate, it could chalk up your server's space. This video shows you how to delete the comments inside your trash folder.

Video 42: How to Add a Digg Button In Your Post is one of the largest social bookmarking sites on the Internet. If many users were to Digg your post, it could drive a ton of visitors to your blog overnight. This video shows you how to add a Digg button in your blog post.

Video 43: How to Edit A Blog Post

After you type a blog post, you might want to make amendments to your blog post. This video shows you how to edit a blog post.

Video 44: How to Add A Facebook Like Button In Your Post

Facebook is the largest social networking sites on the entire Internet with more than 800 million active users. And when you are able to garner many "likes" on your blog post, it will drive alot of visitors to your blog post. This video shows you how to add a facebook "like" button in your blog post.

Video 45: How to Add a Google Plus Button In Your Post

Google Plus is a new social network created by Google and is fast growing in its database. Getting lots of Google "Pluses" on your blog post will not only get you visitors and also will help to boost your rankings in Google. This video shows you how to add a Google Plus button in your blog post.

Video 46: How to Set A Wordpress Page As Your Blog's Home Page

Wordpress allows you to set a static page of your choice as your home page, instead of just displaying all the blog posts you have. This video shows you how to set a wordpress page as your blog's home page.

Video 47: How to Transfer Content From One Wordpress Blog to Another

When you sell a blog to someone else, you might need to transfer the content from one wordpress blog to another. This video shows you how to transfer content from one wordpress blog to another.

Video 48: How to Manage Banner Ads

A great way to monetize your blog is through banner advertising. There are plugins which allows you to easily manage your banner ads and help increase your advertising revenue. This video shows you how to manage banner ads on your blog using an awesome plugin.

Video 49: How to Change The Number of Blog Posts That Is Shown On The Home Page

Wordpress allows you to specify how many blog posts are to be displayed on your home page. And you could have different preferences as to how many you want to show. This video shows you how to change the number of blog posts that is shown on the home page.

Video 50: How to Create A Password Protected Or Private Post

Another cool feature of Wordpress is that it allows you to create blog posts that are private and can't be viewed by other people. Or alternatively, you could create posts which requires a password in order to be viewed. This video shows you how to create a password protected or private post.

Video 51: How to Recover Your Wordpress Password

If you ever forget your blog's password, you could actually retrieve it by using the "forget password" feature. This video shows you exactly how to go about doing that.

Video 52: How to Secure Your Wordpress Blog

There are several procedures which you can use to make your wordpress blog more secure and protect it from scammers and hackers. This video shows you how to secure your wordpress blog.

Video 53: How to Schedule Blog Post For Future Date

Wordpress allows you to create blog posts and pre-schedule them to go live at a date of your choice. This video shows you how to schedule a blog post for future date.

Video 54: How to Create A Sitemap

A site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. Site maps can improve search engine optimization of a site by making sure that all the pages can be found. This video shows you how to create a sitemap for your Wordpress blog.

Video 55: How to Speed Up Your Wordpress Blog

When you have lots of content and images on your wordpress blog, your blog's loading speed could slow down. This is bad as your visitors could get impatient and end up leaving your blog. And it's also bad for search engine optimization. This video shows you a few techniques you could use to speed up your wordpress blog.

Video 56: How to Make A Post Sticky

There are certain blog posts which you want to make it appear at the top of your blog. This video shows you exactly how to do that by making a blog post "sticky".

Video 57: How to Add Text Link Ads

Text link ads usually get very high click through rates so it's a great form of monetization for your blog. This video shows you easily add text link ads to your wordpress blog.

Video 58: How to Add Thumbnails to Your Posts

Thumbnail images help make your blog posts look more attractive and increase the overall look of your blog. This video shows you how to add thumbnails to your blog posts.

Video 59: How to Integrate TweetMeme with Your Blog

The TweetMeme plugin is an excellent way to get your blog readers to re-tweet your blog posts on Twitter, one of the largest social networking sites online/ This video shows you how to integrate TweetMeme with your blog.

Video 60: How to Install & Configure W3 Total Cache Plugin

The w3 total cache plugin helps make your wordpress blog load faster and saves up your bandwidth. This is especially vital if you're using shared hosting. This video shows you how to install and configure w3 total cache plugin.


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